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Our Learning Management System was build starting from a simple, yet very clear mission: to bring an efficient and easy to use solution to meet the needs and expectations of the users from schools, companies and corporations regarding computer enhanced education.

More control, more insight, and more fun. Create and manage effective training courses, challenging exams, and customizable certificates. Ideal for your team’s onboarding and continued education.

What we offer

A simple interface with clear options learning ! B360 LMS makes your work easier.

Course management

Content friendly

Build courses by re-using Presentations or Videos you already have or by consuming content from web-sources.

Scorm & xAPI

Support for the latest industry standard in content interoperability. 

Assessments Engine

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Extensive reporting on test results.

Surveys Engine

Collect and analyze survey responses.

Learning Paths

Restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed.

Files repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.

Learning Delivery

Blended Learning

Mix e-Learning with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events either in a classroom or via videoconferencing. 


Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points, Grade, Rewards and Leaderboards. Customize your gamification experience to the maximum through the Gamification Engine. 


Easily design your own certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. Support a variety of compliance scenarios that might require a re-certification.

Rich communication tools

Support for Personal messages, Calendar and Discussion forums.

Video conference support

Meet with the integrated video conference. Additional support for various video conference solutions.


Sell your courses via PayPal or Stripe. Offer global discounts or coupons. Sell individual courses or offer them via a subscription payment.

Enterprise ready


Extensive reporting about everything within your e-Learning environment. A timeline of all system actions for access to what happened, by whom and when.


Segment your learning environment to branches. Each branch is like a separate installation with its own users, courses and theme.

User Types

Limit users’ access to certain functionalities via custom user types.


An extensive Rest-API to communicate with your learning portal and get the data you need.

Extensible profiles

Add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses and enrich the details you collect and report upon.


Work over a secure communication channel. Enforce strong passwords. Add watermarks on your videos. No matter your security requirements, TalentLMS has you covered.


Integrate with services like Zoom and Microsoft.


Easily comply with GDPR with features that let you respect users’ privacy. Use Terms of Service to collect approval, exclude users who have opted out of data collection in your reports and allow users to self-delete. 


User interface

Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready.

Web standards

Built on top of the most modern web standard and technologies.


Available in multiple languages.


Native applications for iOS and Android devices.

Stop worrying about costs, IT skills, and missing features. Unlock your team’s potential with the best online training platform.

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