Are Your Sales and Marketing Team not keeping harmony?

Coordinate and personalize sales and marketing effort with Account Based Marketing.

We B360 can help marketers and sales reps to engage your customers, close deals and grow relationships.

Account-Based Marketing Essentials

Account Based Marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses on specific customers or target accounts with high personalized 1-to-1 experiences. Then it also helps to grow your existing customer relationships through elevated service and up-sell & cross-sell opportunities.


Identify the best-fit contacts


Expand contacts into accounts


Engage with specific target accounts


Advocate the relationships with key accounts

Why Should You Use ABM?

1. Personalized Experience
A personalized approach for each key contact to understand their pain points and the frustrations they are having in their role.
long term
2. Build Trust Long-term Relationships
Networking & Engaging with people across the account and turning them into advocates you that can strengthen the relationship.
3. Shorten the Sales Process
More revenue, shorter sales cycle and accelerate faster to close more deals.
sale n marketing
4. Align Sales & Marketing
Effect on the sales marketing activities to identify ideal accounts, creating the content, campaigns for engaging, and building trusted relationships with customers.

Deliver Results with ABM

Strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue from your target accounts.

Higher Sale Win Rate
Larger Deal Sizes
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Higher ROI
Faster Revenue Growth

What we can do for you?

ABM Strategy & Planning
Personalize the Accounts
Content Analysis & Creation
Campaign Planning & Activation
Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing Program
Account Reporting & Dashboards

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• Create winning ABM Strategy with sales.

• Unify your lead and account-based efforts.

• Coordinate effective account-based experience together as one revenue team

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If your business plan to use an account-based marketing (ABM) Strategy, HubSpot offers out of the box features that helps you drive better results.

This allow you to make your strategy more effective for your business, marketing, sales and accounts.

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Free Guide for Account Planning

Applicable for Account-Based Marketing, Account-Based Sales and Account Management.