Growth Driven Design

Traditional Web Design may cause you headaches, more challenges, unreliable results: what we experienced during a website redesigning and these are the problems of a traditional web designing processes.

Now, it’s time to get out of this. It’s time for Growth Driven Design (GDD).

What is GDD?

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is an approach to website design and maintenance that succeeds in minimizing risks of traditional web design.

It uses agile development or redesigning of a website by using useful increments. Making continuous adaptations and changes based on data, focusing on real impact and improvement.

Website redesign – these two words that often strike fear in the hearts of business owners and marketing teams everywhere.

Inevitably, these words mean three months focused on site redesign with swarms of work and planning procedures, content corrections, usability testing on the site.

Marketing – the reason why the site exists is forced to move away from normal activities to deal with these all-absorbing design issues, as to how the redesign efforts will improve business outcomes after the site is launched.

But there is a saying: Marketing can’t afford to take three months off to focus on site redesign instead of the business goals of the organization.

So how do you enable marketing to accomplish both with better results?

Enter Growth-driven design (GDD), a combination of sorts between site redesign and marketing, where the two goals become one.

How is different from Traditional Web Design to GDD

Traditional Web Design may use a huge investment, huge cost and runs late and over budget. GDD uses a smarter approach, launching quicker than old ones, launch on time and on budget.

Results We Gain from the sites are unpredictable in traditional ones.

They are built on opinions. GDD will provide you optimizing and reliable results. The Decisions are data-driven, Improving month over month dynamically.

GDD Provides you these benefits-

1.Risk Minimizing-. The GDD website can be launched quickly. Adjustments for user data and business priorities are easy to make.

2.GDD is based on user insights and improving continuously for each month. GDD will give you measurable, high performance and easy to adapt websites.

3. Sale Teams-Marketing and Sales Team can gain insights from users’ behavior across your website. So, they can align with the business for real-time strategic decisions and improvements in marketing.

4. Faster Launch Date-Your website will launch in 3-4 weeks instead of 3-4 Months

5.Inbound Marketing-More Integration with Inbound Marketing Strategy and Sales.

6. Easy to Use-You will realize how easy to use and access your website.

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